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American Mirador is your solution to French Doors San Jose area. French doors are widely popular because of its charming design. It is made up of light materials and they have panels of different sizes that usually spreads from top to bottom. A French door gives off a look of classy and elegant but at the same time playful and welcoming. Its clean lines make it a household favorite.

They are usually made up of several kinds of wood, but the much modern ones already explore aluminum, vinyl, metal, and the like. They also have modifications such as sidelights that add more glamour to it. Others have more than one lock, and varied accessories. Some even have the glass in their panels painted or stained.

Common Types of French Doors

Because French doors are one of the first designs for doors, there have been a lot of modifications and a lot of uses. Ideally, they are more common in country houses, beach houses, and those located in the suburbs. The most common types of French doors include:

Sliding French doors

These doors are one of the first modified French doors due to the fact that it has rollers and tracks for it to be moved sideways instead of being pushed or pulled. The convenience of these doors is the fact that it doesn’t waste a lot of space and it has less danger in getting destroyed. French door glass and panels can sometimes be very fragile, moving it forward and backward may result in breaking the glass of the doors.

French patio doors

These doors are the most common type of French doors because they appear magnificent when the sun’s rays reflect on it. It adds that glamour to your patio and make it look exquisite. Not only does it help with the appearance, it is also convenient as French doors tend to be wider. And it give your house that friendly ambiance.


Bedroom French doors

These are usually matched with curtains or drapes and would also look good. It is even more ideal to position this door at your room’s balcony where daylight can enter your bedroom, making it look brighter and cozier.


French entry doors

These doors are rather different as the material is heavier than most French doors. They also have metal lining or framing around the panels and doors. They are smaller than the patio doors and their panels aren’t as wide. However, they do come in different styles and there’s more to choose from. Some of these doors even have a small arch  or curve that can make your house look grand and pleasant

These are the most chosen types of French doors. There are others in the company for you to choose from. If you want to see the selection and are interested in purchasing and installing French doors, call American Mirador and we guarantee you that your house will be looking even more stylish than ever.