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Although there are many remodeling projects that can take place in the bathroom, replacing the shower doors is one that produces many benefits without the added expense of a large demolition. In that way, it produces an economical way to renew the look of the bathroom and to do so from a practical standpoint as well.

In choosing shower doors, there are quite a few considerations because of the number of different types that are available. Some of those considerations would include the amount of space that you have available and the specific configuration of the stall that is being enclosed. You also need to consider your own personal style and how much money you have set aside to budget for the shower doors. Here are some the specific options that are available for your consideration.







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Different Types of Shower Doors and their Benefits


Framed Shower Doors

One of the more popular and economically friendly doors is the framed shower door. Just because the doors are economically priced, however, does not mean that they are of low quality. As a matter of fact, there are framed shower doors that are of very high quality and can be included in your bathroom to improve the look and function of the shower.

One of the options that need to be considered with framed shower doors is the material that is used for the frame itself. There are more than a dozen different types of framing metals that are available to fit in with any style and budget. The glass that is included in the shower door is also something that can differ from one product to another and can make a difference in both the look and feel of the door itself. We have the most options for shower doors San Jose area, so call American Mirador! 


Frameless Shower Doors

If you are looking for a way to upgrade the bathroom with a quality, frameless shower door, there are a number of options that are available. When you choose to have these doors installed by American Mirador, you can be certain that only the highest quality products are going to be used. A combination of heavy glass and quality brackets, along with our professional installation, produces a flawless look for your shower enclosure. This is especially of benefit to those customers who have upgraded the shower stall with new tile or quality fixtures, as it helps to show those items in an unobscured manner.

Within each category of frameless shower door, there are also subcategories that need to be considered. These include bypass, round, neo-angle and pivot doors. With so many options of shower doors San Jose area that are available, it is to your benefit to contact the professionals at American Mirador before proceeding with your project. Not only can we offer you the professional installation that you need to be happy with your improvement project, we can show you some of the many different installations that we’ve done in the past. We also have a local showroom, which can introduce you to some of the many options that are available for upgrading your bathroom.


Frequently Asked Questions

American Mirador, Inc. has highly qualified and experienced technicians that caulk all possible locations where leaking could occur.   Although our technicians follow steps to completely secure the shower door, they cannot guarantee a 100% watertight shower enclosure under certain bathroom design configurations:

When a frame-less shower door is installed, they are designed to prevent leaks under normal showering conditions.  Excessive water pressures or direct shower spray contact at the door does NOT represent normal showering conditions, and can result in leaks.

Towel bars and handles are not to be used as grab-bars. IF your shower door is equipped with a towel bar handle, you should NOT use this as a grab-bar, as it will not support your weight. If excessive weight is on the towel bar handle, it could force it to snap, and possibly even shatter your shower door!

It is important to not use excessive force opening and closing your shower door. If you use excessive force to open and close your shower door, you could possibly damage the vinyl seals, or even shatter the glass.

Do not hang on your shower door. It is not built to support your weight, and could cause serious injuries!

This depends on the usage of the shower. The more you use the shower, the faster the vinyl gets coated with calcium from the hard water deposits, and absorbs onto the vinyl, causing discoloration.

Discoloration does not necessarily mean the seal will fail, but you may not like how it looks. If your vinyl changes color or starts to leak, it’s a simple and inexpensive fix.

American Mirador, Inc does not warranty the glass for scratches, chips, water spots, breaking or for any other defect after installation.