American Mirador & Campbell Glass

American Mirador is proud to serve home owners, home service professionals, commercial property managers and rental real-estate owners here in the greater Silicon Valley Area.

No matter what you need, we will provide the best Quality product for your budget.

We have been family owned and operated for over 36 years. This amount of experience gives us the knowledge to produce a perfect solution for you the first and every time. With a long track record of delivering what we promise. 

We believe in sourcing affordable local products whenever available.   With us you’ll get a better quality product than you can from a big box store like Home Depot or Lowes and at or near the same price!

We will come to you, OR stop by our showroom for a look at the value we can deliver to your project.

We not only provide quality new products, we can also repair your closet doors, shower doors and other doors in your home.  We have a large stock of shower and closet door parts no longer available in hardware stores to save you money and keep your doors operating smoothly.

Excellent customer service by Cindy and Robert. Such a pleasant surprise to have found them for our closet doors, right here in Campbell--their pricing is fair, but their attention to our needs and their turnaround time was very reasonable. Thinking of other door replacements since we like our closet doors so much! Thank you Mirador!

Freez D.

San Jose

I had this company replace my shower and closet doors in my condo. They did a very good job, were fast, very reasonably priced, and I felt that they were trustworthy. They were referred by a friend who also had the same work done but a little more upscale and he was very happy with the prices and service.

Shalee S.

San Jose

American Mirador built a stucco wall to enclose a patio in our front yard. Robert and his crew were fantastic at every step of the job. Very friendly and professional. His crew was meticulous and built an amazing wall that perfectly matches our home. The craftsmanship is incredible. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Kate L.

San Jose

I made appointment to have wheels replaced and metal frame put back on the actual mirror. Wheels were on wrong and man was finished in 15 or 20 minutes. Closets work great and the wife is happy. If wife is happy everybody's happy. Total cost $85.00 these people could have easily charged me more and i would have happily paid the bill. very hard to find a good honest company anymore.

Thank You American Mirador

Kevin C.

San Jose