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More on Panel Doors

Panel doors are also known as stile and rail doors. It is made using a frame and panel construction, so instead of the door being made from one solid material, it is actually assembled. Here are the main parts for a panel door construction:

  • Rails
  • Stiles
  • Mullions
  • Muntin
  • Panels
  • Lite

The rails are the boards that run horizontally at the bottom and the top of a door. Sometimes it is also placed at the middle of the door. It joins the stiles to make up the frame of the panel door. The stiles are the vertical legs of the door frame. The hinges, locks and handles are placed on the stiles.

The Mullions are the additional boards that run vertically between the stiles. They create further divisions. Usually the term is reserved for windows but it can also be used for panel doors. The panels are the wide boards that fill the space between the rails and the stiles.

Types of Panel Doors

There are several types of panel doors from which you can choose the one that will be used in your home. Here are the more common types:

  • Single panel door
  • Double panel door
  • Door with three panels
  • Door with six panels


The single panel door is made up two stiles and a top and bottom rail and all are of the same thickness. Double panel doors are made up of two panels with a middle rail.

Why Should You Use San Jose Door Panels

Panel doors are widely used in homes. They are easy to make and are very durable. Generally, panel doors also cost less than other types of doors. Because of those reasons panel doors are considered to be better options by many homeowners. Here are some of the advantages that you can get from using panel doors:

  1. They are very strong which makes them secure
  2. They can add elegance to your home
  3. They can be made according to design specifications
  4. They require less maintenance
  5. Panel doors are easy to install
  6. Panel doors can stand up to exposure better than other door types

We can help you in making the right decision as to which type of panel door to use in your home. If you want some other type of door then we can assist you with that as well.