American Mirador & Campbell Glass

Our company produces excellent sliding windows San Jose area. Windows provide the house a wonderful view to the outdoors, as well as letting in the sunlight, and posing as an addition to the uniqueness and appearance of the house. There are different types of windows. One of the most popular ones are the sliding windows. American Mirador offers you the sturdiest sliding windows in Campbell.

Sliding windows come in different shapes and sizes, colors and materials. Some sliding windows slide horizontally while others slide vertically. Some are rectangular and others have equal sides. They come in varied colors and different hues to mix and match with your house or doors. Because of the ingenuity of the manufacturers, different materials from wood to metal to vinyl and aluminum are being used to make sliding windows.

Sliding Windows Installation

Aside from the different styles of windows, American Mirador also offers you installation services. Installation of a window would involve our professionals fitting and making adjustments to the area you want your window placed.

Sliding Window Parts

In maintaining your sliding windows, the best way for you to do so is to know the parts and their functions. Most sliding windows are composed of a variety of parts. This includes:

Window pane

the window pane, also known as light or lite, is the glass area of the window that allows light to enter the interior part of the house. It may be either single- or double-glazed, and it can also be tinted. Other designs are composed of small rectangular glass pieces held in place or divided by a piece of wood and other materials.


The lintel is located at the upper part of a window, mostly where the areas for curtain rods and hooks are placed.


The sash is the movable part of the window. Depending on the style, it can either be moved left or right, and it can also move up and down. A lock is placed to keep it in place.


The casing is the surrounding materials of the sash. The casing is composed of two parts, an inner and outer one. The inner is located in the interior of the building and the outer is located in the exterior of the building. It can be changed to different designs.


the jamb is the connection between the casing and the sash. It is located on all the sides of the window.


The sill is the bottom part of the window and is usually the one that supports the casing. For the interior part, it can also be utilized as a shelf.

There are different brands that make these parts in different materials. Each part’s function and maintenance also depends on the durability of the material.


Sliding Windows Designs

There are different window designs such as:

  • Full glass window
  • Paneled window (equal or unequal panels)
  • Custom windows

Consult with our professionals regarding the window design that you want, and which materials are a best fit for your house and its location. For the best sliding windows San Jose area, contact American Mirador.