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Setting the Room Dividers Standard

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Today’s modern home and style requires an open concept between rooms AND the ability to create intimacy and privacy.

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Unless you are living in an efficiency apartment, you are going to need to divide the rooms in some way or another. This is commonly done through the use of standard doors but there also a wide variety of other room dividers that are available. If you would like to know some of the options which are available for room dividers, they are outlined in this article. In addition, you can contact American Mirador to discuss the available options specific for your home. You can also drop by our showroom to see some of the available products that we have for home improvements.

Sky Door

A more popular option for larger openings in the home is the sky door. These room dividers can be installed with either a ceiling mount or a wall mount, depending upon the area that is being covered and your specific needs. In addition, they can be either a single or double track, which produces very degrees of convenience with some space-saving options as well. When you use American Mirador for your sky door room divider, you can be certain that it is a heavy duty, quality system. This would include the tracking system, which is often a problem with lower quality room dividers. The roller assembly is a quad wheel unit which not only helps to ensure that it will stay on track, it also adds to a quiet, smooth operation. The entire sky door unit is easy to install, and you can hire American Mirador, who can install it for you with an eye on quality. Our sky door room dividers fit in openings up to 131″tall and include panel sizes from 22″ to 86″width.


A great choice for use throughout the home is the silhouette room divider. This room divider makes use of mystique glass which allows the visible light to pass through but it defuses the light to keep people from seeing on the other side. Although they will see a silhouette of what is on the other side of the room divider, it is largely left up to the imagination. This not only adds a degree of beauty to the home, it also adds a degree of mystery and is a desirable option that many choose for a home improvement project. The silhouette room divider not only offers mystique glass that is diffused, you can also choose tempered glass or consider adding a pattern, depending on the type of glass you choose. In addition, the vinyl frame of the door is color-coordinated to match the glass that you choose. The extrusions are made from heavy gauge aluminum and the side molds are designed in such a way that it produces superior support and strength. Some of the color options that are available for the silhouette room divider include clear, gold, bright gold, brushed nickel, white, satin clear and dark bronze. To discuss your home improvement project, contact American Mirador today. We have been helping families and property owners throughout the greater San Jose area for over 35 years. Our family-owned business would be happy to offer you anything you need. Give us a call today and our expertly trained staff can help you choose the correct solution for you.