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We Help Your Rental Renovations Back On The Market Fast


If you own any kind of property that needs rental renovations from single family homes to apartment complex’s there will be a time when you will need to have them renovate to rent.  This can help boost the value of the property and at the same time, reduce the likelihood that you will experience problems during the time that you have renters.

We are experts in rental renovations that meet your budget, while getting your rental back on the market fast, with just the right level of quality to fit your perspective renter’s needs.

In some cases, minor rental renovations are all that is necessary to get your property ready for the new occupant. Just freshening up the paint or making sure that the woodwork is in good condition can make a difference in the way that the apartment looks and feels. These types of renovations are affordable and they are not going to have a great impact on your rental investment. At the same time, they can help your rental unit to rent quickly and can even make a difference in the amount of money that you are charging for the unit.

Although there are many different levels of rental renovations, here are some of the more popular options that you may want to consider.

Replacing the Doors

You would probably be surprised with the difference that can be made when you update the doors in the apartment. Most common replacements we get orders for are the shower doors and the closet doors. But this is also true of the exterior doors or the doors for each individual room.  This is considered to be a minor upgrade but it can have major benefits for those who need to replace damaged doors or want to improve the look and the feel of a renovate to rent property.

Kitchen Cabinets

When you replace the kitchen cabinets or upgrade them, you are increasing the value of the apartment and its comfort level for those that renovate to rent it. In some cases, it may be necessary to remove the entire cabinet and replace it but in other cases, you can simply replace the doors and make other minor repairs. For a rental property, you not only want to consider your budget but also the durability of the cabinets that are being installed. You want to ensure that they will last for an extended amount of time but still provide an upgrade to the apartment which will make it easier to rent.

Bathroom Renovations

Aside from the kitchen area, renters tend to focus on the bathroom when they are renting an apartment. Nobody wants to move into an apartment and realize that they are using a bathroom which was used by others prior to them. Although minor renovations can help to improve the look of the bathroom and make the apartment easier to rent, there may also be times when more extensive renovations are necessary. This can include the tile work in the shower stall or perhaps even replacing the tub. Keep in mind; these are extensive renovations which would require a considerable amount of work. Renovating the bathroom may be an expensive option but it is one that can make a difference in the comfort level of the renter and your ability to rent the unit.

When you are in need of rental renovations, you can count on the professionals at American Mirador renovate to rent your property with what you need. We can come to your rental property and review the options that are available or you can come to our showroom to see some of the products which we purchase from local American vendors. We pride ourselves in providing quality work, not only in the initial phase of the process but also in the final touches which are going to make a difference in what was completed.