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Dutch doors are also known as double doors. These doors are divided horizontally. They are designed so that one half can be opened while the other can remain shut. The two parts can then be connected and they can work like a regular door then.


Dutch Doors Design

As the name suggests, Dutch doors were originally used in Netherlands back in 17th century and it was carried over by immigrants to New Jersey and New York. It was originally used in farms so that light and air can come in while keeping animals out and also securing children. Its use soon spread to the cities where homeowners found it practical and ideal for interacting with other people without letting them in.

The use of Dutch doors has a long history, but you can also use it in your modern house. Dutch doors are great options for children’s rooms. It is also ideal if you have pets that you want to keep inside. It can also help to let air in while making sure that unwanted visitors like stray animals could not get inside your house. It can also be an added attraction while serving some practical purpose.

We can help you in finding the right Dutch door for your home. We can give you lots of options whether it is for interior or exterior use. With our more than thirty years of experience, you can also be sure that we would install your Dutch in the right way and get the job done in a professional manner.