American Mirador & Campbell Glass

Custom doors are usually one of the first things that people see when passing by or visiting your house. That is why it is important that your door gives a positive  impression. The great thing about custom doors is that it is what is best suited for your preference.

Here at American Mirador, Inc. we have all the materials at your disposal. We have workers who are experts at this craft and state of the art equipment and tools to create the custom door you want. We can work with custom garage doors, custom exterior doors, custom wood doors, custom shower doors, custom entry doors, and custom front doors. American Mirador has the best custom doors in the Bay Area, but is located in San Jose. 

Exterior and front doors

Your exterior and front doors should designed to fit the other parts of your house. American Mirador, Inc. can help you design your doors not just with style, but with quality as well.

Interior doors

These are doors that connect rooms, including the shower room doors.

Custom Doors:

Visualise. You must first decide on the design that you like. Or, you can visit us at our location and take a look at the designs we already have.

Inspection. After coming up with the design you want, we will have to check if it fits the size and other measurements of you door frame and the walls of your house.

Plan. Before starting the actual work, we must first put your vision on paper. This will serve as our guide on making the custom door you want. You can have our architects help you make a blue print of your desired door.

Construct. Here at American Mirador, Inc. we have expert architects and craftsmen to help you build your door using state of the art tools and equipment and the highest quality materials.

Installation. Not only are we able to build your door , but we also provide installation services as well. We will bring the finished product directly to your doorstep and install it for you.

Don’t wait any longer, have your ideal door now. Just visit American Mirador, Inc. We will make sure that you will not only enjoy the beauty of it, but have peace of mind over the security it provides.