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A fire doors are fire-resistant door that is used as a passive fire-protection mechanism. It is termed as passive because it doesn’t really stop or put out the fire but it prevents the fire or smoke from spreading and provide a safe exit. Given its importance, fire doors are required to be installed in business establishments and other structures. More importantly, fire doors should also be installed in your homes because being prepared for something is always the best way to ensure safety. Here at American Mirador, Incs., we will help you prepare for such contingency.


Types of Fire Rated Doors:

1. Honey Comb Core. They have an exceptionally flat surface and assure high structural resistance to impact.

2. Polystyrene Core. They provide insulation and resistance to impact.

3. Steel Stiffened Core. They are designed for high frequency, and extreme traffic conditions.

4. Temperature Rise Doors. These doors reduce the transfer of heat from the hotter side to the cooler side of the door. They can prevent the cooler side of the door from reaching 250-650 degrees

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Fire Doors Rated:

The fire rating of the wall wherein the door will be installed is the basis for the fire rating of the wall itself. Fire rating means the amount of time a door can withstand being exposed to fire. There are 6 ratings that can be given to a door:

3 hours rating.
These are for doors that are in between buildings or those that divide the building into fire areas. The wall will usually have a 4-hour rating.


1-1/2 hour rating.
These doors are found in stairwells, boiler rooms, and in exterior walls wherein they are prone to severe fire exposure. The walls are given a 2-hour rating.


1 hour rating.
These are doors which are usually in between rooms. The door has the same rating as that of the wall which is a one-hour rating.

¾ hour rating.
These are doors found in corridors and room partitions. They can also be in exterior walls which are moderately exposed to fire from outside buildings or structures. The walls wherein these doors are installed have a one hour rating.


1/3 hour rating.
These are corridor doors and in other areas where smoke and draft control is the priority. These are used in walls that have a one hour rating.


20 minute rating.
These are doors that passed a 20-minute fire test. These are properly labelled as “twenty-minute-rating tested without hose stream”.