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Cut Glass Patterns are used in a number of ways throughout home in order to add style and anything from a contemporary to a classical look.

We can do simple safety glass table tops to colored, etched and glazed glass of all sizes.
Glass can be used in any room, as an accent, shelving, shower enclosure, table tops, back splash and more.

Benefits of new Cut Glass Patterns

Cut glass patterns are used in a number of ways throughout home in order to add style and anything from a contemporary to a classical look. The beauty of glass is in the fact that it can be cut in order to fit any area and to serve a wide variety of purposes. When you use American Mirador, you can be certain that the glass is going to be cut professionally and in such a way that it will serve a specific purpose. Here are some of the types of cut glass that are available and some of the different types and uses of cut glass within the home.

Tabletop Design

Many tables in the home can be protected with cut glass patterns, which will also add a layer of beauty to the table itself. A number of different types of glass can be used for this purpose, although safety glass tends to be a popular choice if the table is used regularly. Glass table tops not only offer beauty and protection for the table, they can extend the life of the table in many cases as well. They also offer a unique way for you to display a variety of flat items, such as pictures, cards and notes which can be inserted underneath the glass without impeding its use.


Regardless of whether you are adding a backsplash to the kitchen or the bathroom, glass is always an excellent choice. There is such a wide variety of colors available with cut glass patterns that it can really make your counter top look unique and beautiful. It is also easy to clean and provides a sanitary surface in an area that is frequently used in the home.

Shower Doors

Are you considering a home remodeling project that involves the bathroom? At American Mirador, we can manufacture custom shower doors to fit any need. These shower doors offer a degree of beauty to the bathroom and there are many options that are available. For some individuals, the style and budgeting that is available through framed shower doors is going to be of benefit but for others, frameless shower doors provide a popular choice. When we manufacturer shower doors, we use only the highest quality cut class patterns which are specific for this purpose. We also use high-quality hardware to ensure that the doors are safe and function properly.

Cabinet Doors

If you would like to upgrade your cabinets without the added expense of replacing the boxes, it is possible to do so with cut glass cabinet doors. As is the case with any other type of glass that can be cut for use in the home, there are a number of options that are available. You might benefit from a color glass or one that diffuses the light that travels through the door and partially hides some of the contents of the cabinet. It gives you the benefit of adding beauty to the home without having to be overly concerned about people knowing what is in each and every cabinet in the room.